Won't you follow him down
the rabbit hole?

The Rabbit

Name: Ahryian Rossie (not well known)
Alias: Mesmer (what 99% of people know)
Age: Adult
Pronouns: He & They
Orientation: Demi-sexual & Homosexual

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115Lb
Build: Slender & Softly Toned
Skin Color: Light Tan
Hair Color: Short, Purple & Pink Highlights
Ears: Medium Length & Fluffy
Tail: No

Other: He loves natural and light makeup styles, has a beauty mark under his left eye and has fangs and light claws on hands & feet.


● Need some entertainment? Mesmer is here to deliver! Be it dancing or more carnal fun, he aims to impress and make sure you leave smiling and fulfilled. He also can work as an escort, what type is up to you!

● Viera are always welcome! He loves all his fellow viera no matter their backgrounds or appearances. So will you become a friend or foe?

● Looking for Love! Mesmer loves to flirt and cuddle, but he has yet to find that special someone to come back to again and again and again.....maybe it could be you? Though you'll need to be ok with him continuing his work, don't worry though his heart and soul will be all yours...and of course his body whenever you so demand.

● Secrets and Deliveries oh my! He can often be hired to get information from people or courier messages & goods from place to place and person to person.

● Specifics are key. Mesmer goes for the strong personality types. Those that can command a room or a group and those that just....make people follow them with a simple look. He has a big personality and needs one that can match...or even outmatch his but on the more subtle side than flashy.

No No

● No minors! Family RP with children NPCs is one thing but dealing in dark and mature themes where children are involved is a STRICT NO!
● Lets keep it clean! No piss or scat, that's just nasty and stinky!
● Consent is key! While he's down to let you live out your wildest fantasy, do give a heads up if it involves bondage, blood, injury, or any harm that may befall him. Boundaries, safe words, and trust must be well established. (or OOC agreements made at the very least if you wish to attempt kidnapping, torture, or other mature themes in a plot line.)

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